The ELFIS imager is the first image sensor ever combining following features:

  1. True HDR (“MAF HDR”, motion artifact free HDR)
  2. Global shutter using GS technology,
    1. Allowing low noise CDS readout
    2. Enabling Global Shutter (IWR) without dark current penalty
  3. Backside illumination
  4. TDI radiation hard design

It is developed under ESA contract 4000116089 “European Low Flux Image Sensor”, in collaboration with LFoundry (I) and Airbus (F).

The first “true” HDR image of the ELFIS sensor.
Figure: The first “true” HDR image of the ELFIS sensor.

The above image is taken under following conditions

  • Looking through the lab’s window to sunlit buildings at the other side of the street
  • Nikon 55mm lens, diaphragm set to 22 (!)
  • IWR tframe=tint = 30ms
  • On-chip CDS and dark frame subtraction
  • No PRNU correction, no linearization, no bad pixel correction, no other cosmetic corrections.
  • The HDR image is created by a simple threshold at 80% of the HG saturation.
  • The image is “histogram equalized”

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ELFIS first true HDR image

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