PhD thesis

Caeleste is open to host PhD students and offers the opportunity to realize PhD thesis subjects at Caeleste.

For that purpose, we work together with university faculties and their faculty members. This can happen under various formats: from research that happens almost purely at the university, till project related research at our company.

General Conditions

  • The candidate has a master’s degree in electronic engineering, ICT or other engineering majors, physics & mathematics, medical imaging or other technical sciences.
  • The promotor is a faculty member of a technical university; there will be a co-promotor that is a staff member of Caeleste.
  • The candidate will undergo a round of interviews. Only top candidates will be accepted.
  • IP rights are properly described. NDAs are in place and publications are reviewed.

About the format

  • Several formats are envisaged: the student can be involved full time in a regular project R&D at Caeleste.  One can also consider the research taking place at the university, or a mixed format.
  • The study will be funded by Caeleste; alternatively, other funding schemes and scholarships can be considered.


Ph.D. position-Accurate imager front-ends 

Further topics

Topics sponsored by Caeleste should be in line with the medium and the long term research roadmap of Caeleste.  The candidates are encouraged to propose their own research topic but they can also choose an existing item, e.g. an item listed under the Internship and Master Thesis pages on the Caeleste website.

The PhD project subject will be defined with the student and the promotor.
Depending on the interests and skills of the candidate, he or she can contribute to one or more of the broad spans of R&D activities at Caeleste.

Caeleste guarantees an intensive collaboration with our experts in a multi-disciplinary project team, in line with the jointly chosen topic(s) of the PhD.  If the project focus shifts over time, we will jointly redefine the topic to bring it in focus again.

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