Caeleste offers customized solutions for medical imaging and life science projects

Image and photonic sensors are used over a very broad wavelength range to support medical diagnostics and life-science experiments.


A large part of the medical imaging diagnostics is based on X-ray technology. Caeleste makes wafer scale devices suited for integrating indirect detection arrays. Yet Caeleste has the capability to bring single photon and even energy resolved X-ray imaging to wafer scale dimensions. Photon imaging pushes the patient doses to the absolute minimum.​X-ray imagers can be based both on indirect or scintillator based detection as well as on direct detection schemes for ultimate performance.

Electrons and other particles

Consider applications as:

Electron microscopy dosimetry and spectrometry of X-ray, gamma, neutrons, protons and many other sources in the medical field.


Optimized, visible light detectors of various sizes can be used for the following disciplines:

  • Protocoling and recording
  • Robotics
  • Imaging aid
  • Collision avoidance
  • Endoscopy
  • (In-Situ) tissue analysis
  • Spectroscopy based
  • OCT based
  • Stimulated emission based (Raman and Fluorescence)
  • Retinal implants

Caeleste can create fast framing devices with low noise and high dynamic range, which can be adjusted over a broad range of parameters

Caeleste has the short-term ambition to create CMOS imagers to match scientific CCDs in all respects:

  • backside illumination, stitching up to wafer scale
  • ILT-CCD like operation by the use of “global shutter” (GS) CMOS technology, at the same time allowing true, on-chip CDS
  • low dark current by pinned diodes, and buried memory nodes for global shutter operation

Where CMOS outperforms CCD:

  • CMOS type of interfaces, including on-chip AD conversion, extremely high data throughput, at the lowest possible power
  • linear, >100dB dynamic range by Caeleste’s exclusive HDR techniques (see patents page), compatible with CDS and GS
  • radiation tolerance, for TID, SEU, SET etc.

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