Tobacco mosaic virus – Courtesy of David Bhella, University of Glasgow

AR filter of the structure of tobacco mosaic virus is now the highest resolution CryoEM structure.

David Bhella, Professor of Structural Virology and director of Scotland’s national centre for CryoEM, shared a remarkable tweet with the world.

They recently trialed the DirectElectron Apollo camera on their JEOL CryoARM 300. After collecting test data on a tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) at several magnifications, they were able to process one dataset to 1.85 angstroms resolution. This 1.85 Å structure of tobacco mosaic virus  is the highest resolution CryoEM structure resolved using helical reconstruction! Interesting fact: the sensor inside is powered by Caeleste!


Caeleste’s Caspar2 sensor makes highest resolution CryoEM image!

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