Final acceptance of the Caeleste – Advafab HYBRID-VIS device by the European Space Agency (ESA) further compliments our mission to realise beyond state-of-the-art image sensors.

October 2023 marked the final acceptance testing by the European Space Agency of Caeleste and Advafab’s HYBRID-VIS image sensor.

This innovative two-part hybrid device combines the latest innovations in visible and near-infrared detection technology, resulting in an extraordinary 75% quantum efficiency in the visible and near-infrared (570 – 930nm), true synchronous high-dynamic range (HDR) and inherent resistance to ionizing radiation.

The HYBRID-VIS device is a combination of expertise of both Caeleste and Advafab, separating the pixel area from the read-out electronics using a unique pillar interconnection process and flip-chip manufacturing technique. This allows for bespoke optimisation of each module, realising 100% pixel fill factor and a deep detection layer of more than 25┬Ám.

The result is unrivalled sensitivity in the near infrared, further pushing the boundaries for ground and space-based astronomy applications. The device is available as a 1024 x 1024 array stitchable to 4k x 4k, featuring 50Hz frame rate, Caeleste’s patented true synchronous high-dynamic range and global-shutter operation.

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Final Acceptance of the Caeleste – Advafab HYBRID-VIS Device

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