Direct Electron and Caeleste announced a breakthrough in electron counting cryo-EM results.

Direct Electron has proudly presented the results of a next-generation direct detection camera for electron microscopy.

With Caeleste and Direct Electron’s collaborative development of a highspeedhighresolution, and lownoise sensor through sparse readout and on-chip electron counting, Direct Electron’s new “Apollo” camera can acquire high-resolution cryo-EM data at a much higher speed and quality than previous generations.
Cryo-EM is a technique for determining the 3D structure of proteins and viruses, and has become an essential tool for scientific research relevant to human health. With the explosive growth of cryo-EM over the past several years, there is a high demand for improvements in throughput, usability, and data quality. Our novel ultra-fast sensor technology and the Apollo camera are expected to have a high impact in this field.
We are proud to be part of this amazing achievement with Direct Electron!

Breakthrough in electron counting cryo-EM results

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