Geert De Peuter and Gaozhan Cai receiving the award from ESA Space Solutions Belgium

We are honoured to have been awarded second place in the European Space Agency Technology Transfer Competition! 🌌🚀

Caeleste achieved the runner-up award for our ‘FLAMES’ indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) project, a rendezvous and vehicle docking sensor for space applications.

Time-of-Flight sensors, in addition to imaging in X and Y directions, also acquire the Z-direction information which allows for 3D sensing. Indirect ToF (iToF) systems send out continuous, modulated light from a laser or LED, and measure the phase of the reflected light to calculate the distance to an object.

This technology can have a multitude of applications in the aviation, automotive and maritime industries, including airborne remote sensing, robotic manufacturing, maritime guidance systems and vehicular technologies.

The ESA Technology Transfer Programme demonstrates the benefits of the European Space Programme, and strengthens the competitiveness of European industry by encouraging the beneficial as well as commercial use of space technologies for non-space applications. This in turn leads to innovative products and the generation of new jobs within Europe.

We were delighted to receive this award in-person from ESA Space Solutions Belgium. Looking forward to open up new markets for this concept! 🏆

Caeleste Awarded Second Place in the European Space Agency Technology Transfer Competition

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