The Sensation project is built upon a consortium of different partners active in sensor development, camera development and compression algorithms and is funded by Penta. Multiple workshops were organized to strengthen the partnership, cooperation and knowledge-sharing between the SENSATION consortium stakeholders.

In broadcast and machine-vision, compression is at the utmost importance to achieve an efficient transmission of high frame rates with UHD HDR (8K) images. The Sensation project strives for a profound cooperation between the camera and image sensor designers and the compression algorithm designers to allow the upmost efficiency in timing, cost and quality of the resulting compressed image in the camera system. Therefore, as part of the Sensation project, intoPIX organized a compression workshop on the 17th of January. Various partners of the consortium will demonstrate their knowledge on image compression on the camera platform. Following speakers kept lectures during this workshop:

  • intoPIX
  • Caeleste (On Chip companding, Arne Crouwels)

Caeleste at the intoPIX compression workshop

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