The collaboration between Paradromics and Caeleste has resulted in the largest ever neural recording in the cortex of a sheep.

More than 31,000 electrode potentials were recorded simultaneously showing the reaction of the animal to auditory stimuli.

Caeleste designed the low-noise, high-speed CMOS interface circuit for this recording: the circuit amplifies the neural signals captured by the electrode array and multiplexes them on a high-speed bus.

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Here we demonstrate the Argo System, a massively parallel neural recording system based on platinum-iridium microwire electrode arrays bonded to a CMOS voltage amplifier array. The Argo system is the highest channel count in vivo neural recording system built to date, supporting simultaneous recording from 65,536 channels, sampled at over 32 kHz and 12-bit resolution. This system is designed for cortical recordings, compatible with both penetrating and
surface microelectrodes. We have validated this system by recording spiking activity from 791 neurons in rats and cortical surface Local Field Potential (LFP) activity from over 30,000 channels in sheep. While currently adapted for head-fixed recording, the microwire-CMOS architecture is well suited for clinical translation. Thus, this demonstration helps pave the way for a future high data rate intracortical implant.

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Neural recording: A leap forward in experimental neuroscience

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