To enter our visitor parking area:

Please set Michiel Coxiestraat, Mechelen as your GPS direction.

Drive up to the green gates at your right across from “Natuurpunt

In order to get access to the parking area, please use the intercom at the left side of the gate.

The 2 visitor spaces are at the back of the parking area nearest to the building entrance.

In case of bringing heavy material:

Please set Hendrik Consciencestraat 1b, Mechelen as your GPS direction.

Free parking for 15 minutes is allowed after using the parking meter.

A parking spot could be available in front of our entrance on the public street.

You will have direct access to the elevator.

Arriving by train:

After leaving the station you enter the street at the left side of café “Friends”.

Our offices are located 200 meters ahead at your right hand side across from gallery “Goya”.

We like to welcome you at our reception on the 3rd floor.

Check our open vacancies!