Junior Project Manager You will take ownership of projects to design and develop advanced CMOS image sensors. You will be the central point of contact for the design team, characterization & test team and production team, all in close interaction


Seminars organized by Eureca in cooperation with Caeleste: – Fundamentals on CCD and CMOS image sensors Location: 2018/06/26 in Cologne, Maritim Hotel Köln, Heumarkt 20, Contents: This seminar explains in detail the architecture and operation of CCD and CMOS image sensors and

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Our name Caeleste

On November 12, 2006, Bart Dierickx, Patrick Henckes and Walter Beynens brainstormed on a name for the company to be. A very large number of original to very original names were proposed. One that stuck was “Harmonia Caelestium” (harmony of the heavens), which became Celeste (a girl’s name, in good company with Mercedes and Stella) and eventually Caeleste.

For general use we say that Caeleste is the combination of “Caeles” (Latin for sky, heavens, thus “space”), and TE, technology.

There is no prescribed pronunciation. Latin pronunciation is preferred [kailεste].

Our vision

'Beyond state of the art' is not just a slogan. It refers to our capability and willingness to go very deep in trade-off spaces, realizing specs far beyond state-of-the-art thereby sacrificing other specs that are not essential for the particular case.

Bart Dierickx CTO

We help our customers to differentiate and stand out in their market by going the extra mile in the creation of fully customized CMOS image sensors. Thanks to our open & collaborative approach, Caeleste’s image sensors fortify the leadership position of our customer, each in their well-chosen field of product expertise.

Geert De Peuter CEO

Our technology

Discover our technological expertise and track record!