Quality Assurance Manager

Caeleste is hiring a quality assurance manager in line with its high-quality customer-oriented reputation and its aspirations to further professionalize the attention to the

relevant quality assurance standards. You will oversee all quality assurance activities of Caeleste, both in R&D and industrialization phases of our projects & products.

Objectives of Caeleste’s Quality Assurance Manager

·     Introduce & maintain ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certification

·     Introduce & maintain a quality assurance label with all supply chain partners

·     Enhance the continuous improvement methodology in all R&D, engineering & industrialization activities

·     Introduce & maintain a Code of Conduct program

·     Ensure compliance on customer quality assurance programs


Your responsibilities & mandates

·     Prepare, document and implement quality assurance policies and procedures

o  Interpret, set up & comply with industry quality assurance standards, including ISO 9001 & ISO 27001, through collaboration & selection of certification


o  Consolidate & formalize expected business behavior in a formal Code of Conduct program, including transparent company positioning on Sustainable Development Goals

·      Maintain complaint and non-conformance processing through records and tracking systems, including root-cause analysis and corrective recurrence preventions

o  Define, set up, meticulously adopt & train usage of appropriate document management systems & KPI’s

o  Develop improved standards within R&D engineering and production departments

o  Identify training needs and take action to ensure companywide compliance

·     Define, perform & maintain quality assurance audits with suppliers & customers to build long-term partnerships


Job specific requirements

·     Proven work experience as a Quality Assurance specialist

o  Deep knowledge of quality assurance terminology, tools and (ISO) certification programs

o  Proficiency in best practices for relevant (ie. micro-electronics, space projects, …) R&D engineering processes, document management, version control and defect


·     Excellent analytical, problem-solving skills with focus on accuracy and strong attention to detail.

·     Comfortable to make high-impact company-level decisions inside the company and in front of the customer and supply chain partners


Leadership skills

You have a demonstrated ability to define, delegate, oversee and prioritize quality assurance activities with non-direct-line reports in view of reaching strategic &

long-term quality assurance goals. You ensure that the organization understand the importance & relevance to apply to the necessary quality certifications. While implementing, you continuously coach and support all employees towards continuous compliance of the relevant quality standards. You act autonomous and feel comfortable when performing audits & resolving quality conformance issues within the organization and with customers and supply chain partners.


We offer

·    A mandate to have long-term impact in the successfully growing semiconductor company

·     A competitive compensation & benefits package

·     A competitive & international context of world-leading companies

·     An engineering-oriented mixed-skilled, multi-cultural team of experts

·     A flexible & pragmatic environment with attention to teamwork and work-life balance


For application and questions, please contact us at jobs@caeleste.be

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