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Team Caeleste_Real_Final_v2b won the 2018 Electroniad

Team caeleste_real_final_v2b won the 2018 Electroniad organised by AnSem! Congratulations to Koen, Walter, Lander, Peri and Alessandro for their achievement!

A big thank you to our esteemed Jury, Prof. Willy Sansen, Olympic Medalist Bart Swings, and Dr. Jan Crols, since their presence strengthens the Electroniad “tradition” even more; and to Christina Avdikou and Alexander Van Dijck from Ansem for a very successful organisation.

Who’s going to host next year’s event? …. to be continued …



Who will be the winner of the 2018 ELECTRONIAD?

Team ‘Moore Or Less’ from Easics won Caeleste’s first Electroniad in 2016. Easics organized last year’s edition and the winner in 2017 was Team ‘CAELESTE_PLAN_C’.

This year the Electroniad will be organized by AnSem.

The Electroniad(e) organization is created to promote the art, skills, renown, study and profession of electronics.

Electroniad(e) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization, promoting the education, the high-level academic and professional courses in electronics in all its aspects.

Partners in this organization are non-governmental companies and institutions.  All are world-class leaders in Electronics, Photonics, ICT, Hardware Computer sciences, their applications and their supply chain.

The “Electroniade” was founded in 2016 by Caeleste CVBA, Mechelen, Belgium.

Promotion and search for participants focus on professional electronicians, as well as on young people (starting from secondary school level and bachelor) interested in technology and electronics in the broad sense.


Who will be the Winner of 2018? Your team? Don’t miss the 2018 Electroniad. Register today!

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Caeleste at the Sound of Science on May 27th

On Sunday May 27th Caeleste participated in the first edition of “Sound of Science”, a STEM promotion event. We brought two demos to the event and both attracted a lot of attention from the public. Our Wireless Personal Radiation Detection device (WPRD) was developed as part of a Eurostars project together with our Korean partner FC Unwired. The device can demonstrate the natural radiation of e.g. …. bananas! We also demonstrated our capability to read through closed envelopes. This demo was particularly enjoyed by our younger visitors!

Of course we also promoted the 2018 edition of the Electroniad and held a mini-quiz at our booth. It triggered a lot of interest and many people tested their technical skills and knowledge in this unusual setting.

The Caeleste team had a fun day at the Sound of Science and our visitors too!


Bart Dierickx is member of the program committee of “Pixel 2018”

Caeleste CTO, Bart Dierickx, is elected as member of the International Advisory Committee of the renowned “Pixel 2018 – International Workshop on semiconductor Pixel detectors for particles and imaging” Workshop.  This Bi-annual event will be organized for the 9th time and will take place in Taipei – Taiwan from December 10th – 14th.

The workshop was originally set up to report on high-energy physics pixels and sensors, now this conference is evolving to become the conference on radiation detection in pixels in general

Caeleste is member of the Penta consortium “Sensation”

Caeleste is proud to announce that it is part of a consortium, led by Adimec, located in The Netherlands and supported by the new PENTA cluster. The funding for Caeleste is coming from the Flemish innovation agency VLAIO.

On January 1, 2018 the Penta-funded EU-project Sensation started and will run for 3 years.

This project is carried by a six-company consortium consisting of:

  • Caeleste, Mechelen, Belgium
  • Adimec, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Grass Valley, Breda, The Netherlands
  • ON Semiconductor, Oudenaarde, Belgium
  • intoPIX, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium
  • TUDelft, Delft, The Netherlands

The overall goal of the SENSATION project is to develop technologies and improved building blocks for the next generations of CMOS image sensors, image sensor interface standards, video processing and transmission. Results will be demonstrated in prototype silicon and application demonstrators. Transmission solutions will be standardized. In all vision based professional applications the trend in image capture is towards higher spatial and temporal resolutions, wider color gamut, higher dynamic range and improved image quality. New and improved building blocks will be developed to drive and fill in these trends in Production Technologies, and Connectivity and Digital Networks.

Within this project Caeleste will focus on:

  • Developing global shutter pixels with extended dynamic range
  • High-speed serial interface for image sensors and increased data rates
  • Improved ADCs for high-speed sensors.

Caeleste team wins second edition of Electroniad

After having organized the first Electroniad ever in 2016, the Caeleste members could proof
their electronics skills on the second edition of the Electroniad, organized by Easics
on 14 September 2017 in Leuven.

The Team Caeleste_Plan_C consisting of Periklis Stampoglis, Ahmed Abdelmodeem, Nick Witvrouwen en Walter Verbruggen won this year’s contest.

The third edition of the Electroniad will be organized by Ansem in October 2018.