Ask Quotation

Ask Quotation

In most cases, a company, institute or group has started from their own product specification, typically an optical instrument or camera requirement. This translates to a shortlist for the optical sensor specifications.

The company’s project or program managers contact Caeleste staff, and propose this shortlist. Caeleste considers customers and suppliers and partners, jointly solving a technical challenge. Do not expect unidirectional talking from us. First questions asked and answered are: can this request be served with an off the shelf device, from Caeleste or from anybody else in the industry. If not, can it be realized as a small (or larger) modification of an existing or similar product from suppliers that may be more suitable to choose than Caeleste?

If all answers are negative, and if Caeleste judges that the set of specs is realistic, even when beyond state of the art, Caeleste will make a proposal. Depending on the underlying complexity, this may happen quickly, or this may need several iterations and brainstorming to find the right compromises. The proposal will eventually contain a price quotation, a project timing and an elaboration on the work and targeted specifications, and propositions on liability and exclusivity.

After signature and after the kickoff meeting, the project starts. Typically between 6 and 12 months later, depending on the complexity, working Silicon lies on your table.

For a discussion on your specifications, and eventual quotation, please contact Caeleste .

Caeleste GTCS : General Terms and Conditions of Sale

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